ISO 27001 Certification
ISO 27001 is a relatively new standard. Based upon BS7799-2, it is supported by a relatively mature certification scheme. Due to its new status very few are currently certified directly against it.

However, a fast-track conversion process from BS7799-2 certificates is in place via a number of certification bodies. Hence a growing number of existing certificate holders are taking this route.

This page therefore will eventually list organizations who are certified against the new standard, either directly, or via the BS7799-2 conversion path. If your organization has achieved ISO 27001 certification, and wishes to be included, please get in touch.


ISO 17799
The most common misconception in the information security standard arena is that ISO 17799 is the 'specification'. In other words, that certification is available against this standard.

This of course is not the case: it is the code of practice containing security controls which may be selected.

It is hoped, however, that now BS7799-2 has become an ISO standard, more clarity will emerge, and ISO 27001 will become widely known as the certifiable ISMS standard.